April 24, 2009


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That is applied topically to the areas affected by the herpes virus.  It contains Hypericum perforatum, which is also known as St. John’s Wort, and is well known for its healing ability, having long been used to treat wounds, and having been shown to reduce viral particles.

It also contains sulfur, which is a long time, and widespread ingredient which has been used in many antibiotics, and has been used for healing wounds.

While there are two different forms of the herpes virus (one which is oral, and the other genital,) Dynamiclear™ has been clinically tested, and shows to work effectively against both strains of the virus.  This is a positive advantage, since one form of the virus is much more difficult to manage than the other.

Although, it is of course necessary to first consult a physician to obtain a proper diagnosis before you treat any wound, or condition.

The way that Dynamiclear™ works, is because of its formula; which penetrates the viral membranes of the herpes virus, and thus destroys it.  Since it is quite difficult to eliminate a virus completely as it retreats into the nervous system, Dynamiclear™ is among the best solutions for controlling herpes because it can be used to treat each outbreak, thus controlling the virus.  This topical remedy can reduce the time that the wound takes to heal.

If the virus is controlled, and the lengths of the outbreaks are reduces, than the length of time that a person is contagious is also reduced which can not only help to reduce the spread of the virus, but also help to ensure that the individual can lead a more normal life.  This can allow the individual to feel less emotionally distressed by the virus that can in fact cause severe physical, and emotional distress.

Together, the ingredients in Dynamiclear™ have demonstrated the ability to help the large number of people who have used this great product due to its tremendous antibacterial and antiviral properties.  There are many positive testimonials to show that people are happier thanks to this great product.